Performance. Enhanced. ®

Performance. Enhanced. ®

Create a better future through sustainable textile innovation™

Product Philosophy

Arch produces the next generation of high-performance fabric through advanced engineering technologies. We are committed to the highest standards of environmental sustainability in the production process. We use our technology to reduce our carbon footprint, eliminate chemical usage, conserve water and energy, and provide customers with environmentally friendly products.

Our team has a deeper understanding of fiber and yarns' structure and applies innovative engineering techniques to the construction of our fabrics. We strive to produce the highest quality of performance fabrics with a variety of applications. Our base layer series deliver maximum comfort and performance, our mid-layer insulation series creates long-lasting, weightless warmth, and our softshell category demonstrates unparalleled breathability and protection.

Arch's collective knowledge, advanced technology, innovative engineering, and commitment to sustainability ensures that our products remain at the forefront of the textile industry. Our commitment to the highest social and environmental responsibility standards guides our product development and relations with clients.

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