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Magnif-ECO® recycled fiber technology is designed to be sustainable and traceable. These Eco-friendly fibers are created from post-consumer plastic water bottles or post-industrial fibers and melted with our unique FiberDNA® tracer technology to certify their recycled content. From any point in the supply chain, users can verify the ecological attributes of Magnif-ECO® recycled fibers by analyzing their content and composition.

Four-Step process

1. Recycled plastic bottle and post-industrial fibers are collected and chopped. 

2. The chopped plastic and fibers are grounded, melted and reformulated into Magnif-ECO® Chips.

3. The chips are then melted with FiberDNA® tracer technology and extruded into Magnif-ECO® recycled fiber.

4. The fiber is processed into yarn by spinning and texturing.

Traceable, FiberDNA® technology

FiberDNA® is our proprietary technology for tracing and certifying the recycled content in our sustainable fibers. FiberDNA® verifies environmental claims, allows for the analysis and confirmation of the ecological attributes of Magnif-ECO® fibers from any point in the supply chain, and supports third party certifications. 




Eco Facts

Magnif-ECO® recycled fibers significantly reduce the consumption of energy and water, as well as the emissions of greenhouse gases, when compared to conventional polyester.

Available in Magnif-ECO® recycled Polyester, recycled Cationic Dyeable Polyester and recycled Nylon 6. Available in a full range of Magnif-ECO® yarns, including filament, spun polyester yarn and heather combinations. Small lot availability with the potential for custom specs, minimum kgs. Apply.


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