Conserve Water, Save Energy

Arch Textiles, SavMor® Colored Yarn

SavMor® technology conserves water and energy by applying engineering solutions to the dyeing processes. Through SavMor®, dyes become part of the fiber during the extrusion process, eliminating the need for bath dyeing and minimizing harmful chemical run-off.

The Process, Brilliantly Simplified

SavMor®’s colored master batch melds with regular polymers to create vibrantly-colored yarn in 300+ hues. Given the total integration of dyestuff, SavMor® yarn can achieve the highest standards of color fastness.

Designed with conservation in mind

In traditional processing, vast quantities of water, chemicals and energy are expended during pre-treatment, dyeing and finishing. SavMor® colored yarn can reduce the consumption of water by as much as 70%, gas by 40% and electricity by 25%. Harmful run-off and other negative consequences are minimized because fewer chemicals are used during production. Greige made with SavMor® colored yarn is only washed with agents for softening, water repellency or other enhancements, resulting in a truly eco-friendly process.

Ideal for any fabric, be it functional or fashion, SavMor® yarn is the eco-solution supporting a wide range of fabrics, from single jersey, interlock, jacquard and fleece.



– Helps conserve water and energy

 Richly colored

 Superior brilliant color uniformity

 Uses fewer natural resources

 Inherently colorfast, durable, bleach-resistant & UV light fast

 Precise custom mixing provides enhanced capability to match colors

 Many pigments from naturally occurring or organic materials

 Combines well with other performance technologies



Available in a full range of SavMor® yarns, including filament, spun polyester yarn and heather combinations. Small lot availability with the potential for custom colors, minimum kgs. apply

Download Arch® SavMor® Colored Yarn Brochure.pdf

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