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Arch is building a transparent and environmentally responsible textile company. We promise to respect the basic dignity of all our stakeholders and we are committed to the highest standards of environmental sustainability. Our state-of-the-art facilities provide safe and healthy working conditions for our employees. Our compensation packages are fair and equitable. Our manufacturing partners share our ethical standards. Our goal is to reduce our environmental footprint and establish a global reputation as a socially responsible company at the cutting edge of sustainable textile innovation.

Commitment to transparency

To build trust with our partners and the end-users of our fabrics, Arch is committed to a transparent, low-impact, technologically-driven production processes. We welcome compliance audits from our partners and use technology that supports third party certification. Our proprietary FiberDNA® technology verifies our environmental claims by allowing the attributes of our eco-friendly fibers to be analyzed and confirmed. Our investments in dyeing technology reduces water consumption by 70%, gas by 40%, and electricity by 25%. Our eco-friendly fibers are created from post-consumer plastic bottles and our code of conduct protects the fundamental rights of our employees and other stakeholders.

Partnering Production Facilities

Arch is in the process of enhancing transparency by publishing a list of partnering production facilities. This builds trust in our brand by ensuring transparency throughout our supply chain. Arch will disclose and update this list on the company website and proactively work to resolve any issue within our supply chain concerning human rights, labor conditions, and the environment.


Download Arch Core Production Facilities list.pdf

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