Arch Textiles and Sustainability

Sustainability means meeting the needs of today's generation without jeopardizing future generations' ability to meet their needs.

At Arch, we create a better future through the following environmental commitments:

Sustainable fibers

Recycled Content – The Arch® Magnif-ECO® recycled fiber technology allows for recycling of post-consumer plastic water bottles, or PET bottles, into polyester fibers and Cationic Dyeable Polyester fibers. We also construct recycled nylon from post-industrial, or off-spec nylon, which effectively reduces overall wastage. Our goal is to incorporate a higher percentage of recycled content into our fibers and eventually construct 100% of our synthetic fibers from recycled materials.

Renewable Fibers – We are on a mission to offer 100% sustainable cotton. We will achieve this sustainability goal by producing certified organic cotton, recycled cotton, and Better Cotton Initiative (BCI). Certified organic cotton is the most sustainable option we offer and accounts for 20% of the cotton we use. We are committed to expanding our use of certified organic cotton to between 40-50% over the next three years. The Arch® Mercerized Cotton collection is made of 100% BCI.


CuPlus® – CuPlus® technology applies advanced engineering techniques to infuse polymers with active particles made from EPA approved Copper Oxide Powder (EPA Reg. No. 92029-1). Infused particles reduce the use of chemicals to near zero, eliminates the risk of environmental damage associated with chemical finishings, and prevents the growth of odor-causing bacteria at its source. As the next generation of copper antibacterial technology, CuPlus® provides users with effective, safe, and long-lasting protection that promotes wellness.

Magnif-ECO® – Maginif-ECO® recycled fibers use our unique FiberDNA® technology to trace and certify the recycled content of our eco-friendly fibers. FiberDNA® supports third-party certification and helps customers avoid false environmental claims. From any point in the supply chain, users can confirm the ecological attributes of Magnif-ECO® recycled fibers by analyzing their content and composition.

SavMor® – SavMor® technology conserves both water and energy by applying engineering solutions to the dyeing processes. Through SavMor®, dyes become part of the fiber during the extrusion process, eliminating the need for bath dyeing and minimizing harmful chemical run-off. SavMor® colored yarns can reduce water consumption by as much as 70%, gas by 40%, and electricity by 25%. It also requires fewer chemicals than other dyeing processes.

Third-Party Certification

Bluesign – Bluesign monitors the complex journey fabrics make from start to finish and guarantees the integrity of the supply chain process. Choosing Bluesign certified material is an easy way to know that the manufacturer has taken the steps necessary for a sustainable product.

OEKO-TEX® – STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® is one of the world's best-known labels for textiles tested for harmful substances. It stands for customer confidence and product safety and sustainable production.

GRS – Global Recycled Standard (GRS) track and trace of recycled content. It uses a transaction certificate-based system, similar to organic certification, to ensure the highest level of integrity. This helps track recycled content through the value chain of certified final products.

GOTS – The Global Organic Textile Standard stipulates requirements throughout the supply chain for both ecology and labor conditions in textile and apparel manufacturing using organically produced raw materials. GOTS lists all substances prohibited in organic certification at various stages in the supply chain.

Sustainable Finishing

Reducing Our Chemical Footprint – Our goal is to minimize the use of hazardous chemicals and solvents from the finishing process and provide users with environmentally friendly finishes. Arch can achieve the desired finish through our advanced CuPlus® technology, which infuses polymers with active metal and mineral particles. It eliminates the need for us to chemically treat our fabrics. Our SavMor® engineering process dyes fiber during the extrusion process, eliminating the need for bath dyeing and minimizing harmful chemical run-off.

Community and Environment

SBS – The Arch Small Business Support (SBS) program provides business support to local small knitting mills. It aims to drive regional economic growth by helping small mills manage, grow, and establish their business. Arch developed SBS as part of a strategy to use our technical and managerial expertise to support the local economy.

Buying and Manufacturing Local – One of the most effective ways to help the environment is to reduce transport pollutants. Arch actively seeks manufacturing partners located near our facilities in Shanghai. We construct our performance fabrics from locally produced synthetic fibers within a 300-mile radius of our headquarter.

Our Facilities – Arch's office and warehouse facilities are committed to recycling all plastic, cardboard, paper, cans, glass, metal, wood pallets, and fabric tubes. We are formulating relevant standards and an action plan to promote joint implementation in our central production facilities.

Shipping and Marketing Materials – All of our packaging materials are made of bio-degradable, formaldehyde-free paper, cardboard, or post-consumer recyclable plastic bags. Soy-Ink prints our marketing support materials on FSC, recycled paper.


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