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Arch has embodied a B Corp philosophy since our founding. We have always been committed to creating a better future, and our mission to find ethical solutions to textile challenges naturally connects with B Corp Standards. With these values embedded in our corporate culture, pursuing B Corp certification was an obvious next step.

We learned about B Corp Certification in 2020 during the global pandemic. The pandemic created a great deal of market uncertainty, but it also gave us time to reflect on our values and how we might best showcase our strengths. One straightforward way was to invite a third-party to verify our moral commitments through quantifiable measures. B Corp certification quantifies our commitments to the environment, governance, workers, customers, and the community, allowing us to communicate our values in measurable terms.

Being a Certified B Corp requires us to meet and maintain rigorous standards of social and environmental performance. But it also means we are part of an inspiring community that motivates us to create positive change in the world. Maintaining high ethical standards requires hard work and is best sustained within a community of like-minded, creative change-makers.

B Corp certification improves trust in our brand and confidence in our commitments. The textile industry is increasingly conscious of its carbon footprint and the ethics of supply chain management. As a certified B Corp, we can better explain to our customers why Arch is at the forefront of sustainable textile innovation.

This is our B Corp story. We’re proud of our hard-earned accomplishments, glad to be recognized for them, and happy to be part of this growing community. 

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